I'm pretty strapped for cash right now. My budget is around $250 for the electric bass, amp, gig bag, strap, tuner, pics, cable, and strap. I'm looking to play some hard rock, and I've been reading around the forums a bit. It seems Peavey is a pretty popular beginner choice. I was looking at the guitar center web site and found the value pack below, but my bro who plays guitar said he didn't recognize the brand and told me to ask here for advice.

Is there a good value pack i should get, or should I get all the equipment separately? Also, what are some good books to get me started?


i'm new to bass also but i know guitar brands. Dean's pretty well known. their guitars are alright if you get high enough in price. I'm not sure how they do with basses, however, so i'd let someone else take care of it.

i'd trust ibanez though. heard they have good low end basses and i know they have good low end guitars.
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for sure buy a pack of some sort if your low on cash. itll get you started until your ready to buy a new bass
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If you want to gig for that price I must lol at you. You'll need way more money.

But just playing, you can do great. Squier, Ibanez, Yamaha all make nice starters. Epiphone, however, does not.
Stay away from the Epiphone, as IndianRockStar said. They're rubbish.
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use the search bar there have been countless threads like this one of them will have your answer

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alot better than the dean thats for sure
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