i've heard this term used in describing distortion texture. ie: "the gain on this amp is very/not at all compressed", "these pickups have wider frequency response with less compression"
etc etc
does anybody have sound clips of compressed, and un-compressed tone?
compression reduces the dynamic range. ie, it makes the loud bits quieter and the quiet bits louder.
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Often, as the gain goes up, your dynamic range becomes smaller. This is known as 'compression'.

When you play a really raelly really high gain amp, it doesn't matter if you hit the strings hard or soft. The dynamics don't affect it. That's compression.

When an amp is just slightly overdriven, if you strum gently, it sounds clean, but hit the strings hard and it breaks up.
Is it to correct to say then, that buying a compressor, will make your tone sound slightly higher gain?
^ No, basically it neutralizes dynamics to an extent. An uncompressed valve amp on the verge of break up, when played normally will be clean, and when played hard will be distorted. That's dynamics. If it was compressed, it would be either all clean or all compressed. Compression tones down loud signals and tones up quiet signals.
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It also depends on how much compression you are getting, I find it can be really nice if used correctly but on the other hand, if you compress to much you may get some very lifeless and dull sounds.
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ya just be wary of how much you use even a little to much is a very very very bad thing
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if you're playing a high gain amp there's no need for compression due to the clipping which results in compression anyway

thats why if you look at the waveform of a high gain amp its all around the same level

compressions good for vocals and drums mainly

if your looking at guitar compression it makes cleans sound easier to listen to as all the playing stays the same level rather than loads of different dynamics
would also be good for just a mild overdriven tone
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