Does anyone know what key This is Halloween is? Im trying to make my own version ,and I got the power chords down and crap, but I need to spice it up with some phrasing, but I cant seem to find any specific "common" notes in there.

What chords are they?
[U]        | |                     [/U]
[U]        |/     .-.              [/U]
[U]       /|_     `-’       |      [/U]
[U]      //| \      |       |      [/U]
[U]     | \|_ |     |     .-|      [/U]
      *-|-*    (_)     `-’
Well the notes used are C D Eb E F F# G Ab Bb B, but what a common key would be I have no idea. I'm guessing C minor, only the E and F# are out of key, but then it could be modal borrowing.
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What are the power chords?
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