at its shortest length, my left arm's still at about crotch level...

i really like the padding on it and its like the only kind they had at the store so im wondering if any of you have any good methods of shortening your strap....
Cutting it and sewing?
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I have a padded strap and i had the same problem so what i ended up doing was geting something square like a simple small to medium sized piece of wood or anything youn can find.then you rest your guitar on something so theres no tension.then whe you have the plastic thing as high as it goes you pull out the top part of the stap more so it will make the strap not as low and when you think you have pulled it out enough put your square thing in there so the plastic thing doesnt slip and then duck tape around the square so it dosnt fall out. sorry for the length hope it helps.
If it's leather and have belt-buckle type adjustment just make a new hole (my padded trap is that model). If it isn't, i've got no idea :P
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I play about that low!!
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you sure that's as short as it'll go? Sounds unlikely that that's it's shortest to me...
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you make a hole further into the strap round the strap pin on the guitar
thank bands like Korn(y) and such nu-metal for this new guitar strap phenomenon.
wear high heels, it will make you taller so your guitar strap will seem shorter on you ............... right?