Poll: how do you spend the weekend?
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View poll results: how do you spend the weekend?
Playing music with the band or alone
58 44%
Going to church and spending family time
6 5%
Doing homework/schoolwork
13 10%
Working at a lamo job
13 10%
32 24%
With the girlfriend or boyfriend doing "couple things"
10 8%
Voters: 132.
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usually with my gf
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go back to sleep
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Church things on Sunday, have to get there around 8 in the morning and leave about 2 in the afternoon, rest of the time playing guitar, hanging out, and doing homework.
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I know you probably do all or some of. What do you do MOST of?

Your mom.
none of the above. i go out get wasted blow some yay and play some music!
usually guitar
and homework
every weekend
no friends...
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Yes i am
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Where's the "Drinking"-option?

sorry man- im an alcoholic- i drink when i get up, at night, during dinner, before work, during work, during music after music, with the girlfriend, with the family.

it should be on there. i agree. i just assumed in my mindstate everyone could keep their drug and alcohol intake privately.
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i just assumed in my mindstate everyone could keep their drug and alcohol intake privately.

But not their endeavors in the world of self-pleasure?

Voted for playing music with the band, anyhoo.
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Getting really, really drunk.....

which I am now lolololol

I'll have a bourbon.
Spending as much time with friends as possible?
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thats sad most of us just masturbate.... sad but true..
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its like a four finger, diminished thingy
Mainly spend it with my boyfriend
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I rarely get weekend off from work, but any free time is spent with my girlfriend.
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yeahhhhhhhh i have no choicebut to do course!!!!!! dont even get time to play my guitars anymore, the strings snapped on either one and i cba to go into thenext townand get a new one!!!!!!!!!!
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I picked masturbating because nothing else came close to what I do in my weekends. I do physical outdoor hobbys/sports.
I sit on the computer and do nothing. I don't have any friends.
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I rarely get weekend off from work, but any free time is spent with my girlfriend.

Oh ****, you're from alaska too

Ehhh weed masturbation play with my band homework CROSS COUNTRY SKI
You should have the poll so people can pick multiple choices. I personally do all of the following at weekends (from the poll)...

Playing Music
College work
Working at a shit job
With my girlfriend doing couple things.

Thus, i'm not voting on the poll, because i have just told you.
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you forgot sport, hanging out with friends, and playing computer games... This is not a very good servey.... but i chose music.
Playing music with the band or alone
Doing homework/schoolwork
With the girlfriend or boyfriend doing "couple things"
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I don't have a job or go to church. Or have a girlfriend at this point in time.

Everything else I do...

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Play music,fap,go out with friends,fap some more.
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lololololol that was epic andyd93. you just made my day

Playing guitar, mostly.
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Cleaning the house, spending time with my wife, taking the dog to a park, going to church, spending time with family, getting together with friends, and indulging in hobbies like reading, writing music, or playing the geetar.
I wish we could vote twice.

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I go out most Saturdays and i got work in the evening. Hopefully, this saturday i got work in the morning, then going out with some mates, then a party with loads of booze. Sounds superlicious. Sunday i'll be probably nursing a hangover.
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