I am a guitarist with two years + experience, i have a fender usa strat and am looking to purchase a gibson now (like both), and i saw that the les paul classic antique (cherry sunburst) was down from £1,349 to £999, i think this is a good deal and am continuing to save up money, i want to know what people think of them and if they think it is a good deal, not if they prefer fenders or gibsons, advice is much appreciated.
it isnt a bad deal. but is there anything wrong with it? the fact that they knocked 350 pounds off it makes me think that they were having a lot of trouble selling it and that could mean that there is a problem.

i suggest playing it first and decide whether you like it enough to spend L999 (i dont have a pounds sign, sorry) on it and if you like it, then go for it.

although, i think you could find a second hand classic (not antique) in good condition for a similar price, and that is my personal pick out of the two, though i have no experience with the antique.
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I didn't really think there was any justification of adding another model in the ever-growing Les Paul line up. It does look more upclass than a Classic, but then again why choose over a Standard? Mind you, I wasn't the biggest fan of the binding of the headstock and the ES335-like inlay. Ofcourse, it's all a matter of preference.
999 doesn't sound that bad for the price. But I'm all for the Standard with the Burstbuckers. If you look around carefully, you can get a discounted Standard for similar pricing. Saw a Rootbeer finished Standard for 999 recently.
I bought a couple of Classics (one regular Classic, one Antique) back when they were £1900 a pop... I'm really cursing doing it now since they've both dropped in price so much in less than a year

And also... the Antique isn't so great, really. If you want it for say, very early Aerosmith or early Whitesnake, it's fine out of the box. For anything else though you need to change the pickups, because they're not very versitile at all.
On the Classic I've now got a Burstbucker #2 and #3 and it's great for blues. My Classic Antique now has a SD Alnico II Pro in the neck and a JB model in the bridge and it's pretty good for 'classic' hard rock tones (read: anything from AC/DC to GNR to later Bon Jovi), and it can just about handle metal if I really have to push it, but otherwise it's pretty limited too. Still, it's a definite improvement over the original pickups it had.

I think if you want a Gibson LP, you're probably best off buying a Standard, which comes stock with more versitile pickups. Only bother with the Classics if you'll be changing the pickups anyway and if you really want the specific finishes they come with.