Today in class we were watching that movie Shallow Hal, and I was pretty bored, so I was leaning on my hand. Anyway, it was about halfway through the movie when the part below my little finger started bumping up and down really fast. I touched it and it went mental and stopped. It also felt fretty solid, kinda like a vein. So yeah, do I have worms or am I overreacting? also, what should I do about it? And don't say rub icy hot on it...
you've got aids
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No, it was the muscle twitching. Perfectly ordinary.
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Yeah, if a worm was going up your finger you would be in pain. Seriously. And it would go up to your brain and eat it.
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You don't get worms in your hands.
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If you have worms in your hand you are probably pretty screwed. The common worms live in your intestines and you can see them in your ****. Tablets are like $3 from the chemist for those ones.
you have Lupus!!

btw, worms in your fingers? do you have a brain?
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you may have worms in your brain if you think you have worms in your hand.
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Just a muscle twitch.

I get them in my whole leg or arm every now and then.
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It's probably an organic brain parasite, and it's going to destroy your brain and leave you a twitching, drooling hunk of flesh.

But really, it's just an involuntary muscle spasm, everyone gets them.
You were watching Shallow Hal in school?

What the hell kind of school do you go to? Clearly one that teaches you it's possible to have worms in your hands!

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