Ok guys,i don't suppose that putting this thread would harm anyone right?

Plantar Fasciitis is like a rubber band that is connected to your heel and the tip of your foot or toes,i'm not very sure. I have suffered this like 3 times to far *once on the right and twice on my left* and although it isn't very pain at all (for me that is,it is normally known to be extremely pain,but i guess mine isn't that serious),it still stops my from my daily activities,esspecially my CCA/sports,which is badminton.Really sucks when you can't train and the noobs are over taking you..Tho i'm still captain But the captain sucks

Well,back to the point,i try to stop it from getting worst by iceing my foot/heating my foot...but one website said that it would be best to only put in in soles in my shoes if i am flat footing...but i'm not,but i still do so.Is it good or bad? Can someone who knows tell me? Thanks
What you have is calcaneal spur, you have bone growth on the underside of your tarsus(heel-bone). You might have to have a lay off from any sports for a while, it's the sports that are causing it.

Ice and resting the foot as much as possible will help, but see your doctor again, they would be best to advise you on this, or a good sports physiotherapist might be able to help.

Ug isn't the best place to come to with medical stuff.
Good luck.
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haha,but thanks anyways, i;'ve been resting alot,and the pain seems to be a lot less now..
My brother has that right now.
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Yeah I used to play badminton... sucks that footwork is so important. Hope it gets better soon!!
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My brother has that right now.

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