hey guys. i was chosen out of all year 8s at my school for free double bass tuition with another guy... ive played guitar for 2 years beforehand. now i got chosen out of the whole school to join the big swing band, and i am wanting to persue with bass. thing is, im 13 and i am broke. so, im thinking for christmas, getting a bass. but im wondering, is their a way i can put my bass through my guitar amp (roland micro cube) because that would be a better altenernative for me. thanks
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You can run your bass through your guitar amp, however it will not sound too good, and more than likely you will blow the speaker. My first bass amp was actually a guitar amp and I blew it out within a year with the volume pretty low.
..no it will break it.
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Guitar through bass amp: no problem.
Bass through guitar amp: don't do it! It will really damage/blow your speakers!
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