ok.. i just got my Seymour duncan JB in for my Agile septor 7. its a mid to entry level 7 string guitar.. and while i really enjoyed the SD JB in my mahogany Ibanez RG, it doesn't quite sound right in my basswood agile.

any recommendations for an organic sounding pickup with lots of clarity? I'm thinking of going with the swinesheads on this one, but i don't really know enough about them make an informed decision.

i play metal going thru a line 6 pod XT for direct recording.

Thanks in advance!

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sorry to bump. but 29 views and no comments? doh.. XD

keeping in mind that 7 strings have a semi limited pickup selection.. i'm not interested in actives either.
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How is that Agile? Im quite interested in getting one of them. In red mmm

Have you looked at Bareknuckle Pickups? Theyre quite expensive outside the UK apparently, but worth it apprently.
for spending $480 CAD on a guitar was delivered right to my door. I haven't been more impressed with any guitar that i've played. i frequently go to shops and dink around on gibsons, ibanez prestiges, high end jacksons, etc etc.. and damn, for $480.. this guitar is has more value than anything i've ever picked up. no joke. i'm not still in my honeymoon phase either .. i think. she's been with me for about 4 months now.
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I am seriously wanting one, and what youve just said really is the icing on the cake for me. Thanks for that

As for pickups, definately Swineshead or Bareknuckle get my vote.
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the bareknuckles are definitely looking very nice. lots of people said a lot of good things about the nailbomb. i was sorta thinking with a name like a"nail bomb" itwas just going to be some loud one trick pony like the seymour duncan invader. But after reading the description (its funny that they also used the adjective "organic") it sound slike it'll be the first and last choice for me. although i'm still bent on getting swineshead fro my ibanez due to the wood covers XD.
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Im in the same situation as you at the moment because I want new pickups for my ibanez and cant decide between Bareknuckle or Swineshead haha.
I also want the same guitar as you spoooky.
For the best info on Bareknuckles they do have a forum on their website I believe. Ask around there and you cant go wrong.
i would say the dimarzio d-sonic 7 for the bridge, maybe a blaze for the neck?

EDIT: i know nothing about this guitar, but i know dimarzio + basswood =
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