right, got £300 for new guitar.
referably only want to spend up to £250 tho.

Got a strat now, so want something tht can play more metal/punk/rock.
e.g. Megadeth, paramore, Wolfmother, Trivium, and black sabbeth.

no "pointy" guitars please like explorers/flying Vs

Ibanez RG321? It's a fixed bridge, and will probably be better than your Strat for metal. Or maybe, get an Epiphone Les Paul Standard. The humbuckers will be a lot better than your Strat's single-coils for metal, but if you're play a lot of metal and get an Epi LP, you might want to change the pickups at a later point.
mod the strat lol
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The iommi signature in england is about £450 so thats out of the question. An Sg is a good idea though maybe a epi custom for about £200 is a good bang for your buck could also try and prs se tremonti there around £300 or an epi les paul standard
Ibanez sz320ex? avoid a stock floyd rose at this price range
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Seriously. It is better than lots of 500 pounds guitars out here.

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I don't care if I get flamed for this but you could get the esp ltd 200 series which are pretty good IMO.
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wi65 pro, if you can find one, would also be worth a look for a similar outlay.
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Seriously. It is better than lots of 500 pounds guitars out here.

It really is great.