I say Fender sux, but depending on your rig, you may get a Chili Peppers sound for some songs like Under the Bridge.
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chilli peppers sound = strat / telecaster


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its a very nice guitar, and a strat could do it but since its a light guitar, you would have to do some serious tweaking to get the chilli sound, allthough those dragster humbuckers will get you there. what amp are you running??? i would suggest to NOT get a marshall
What kind of amp have you got?

And why do people say Fender sucks? I wonder if you've noticed, about 50% of all of today's guitars have evolved from Fender's original designs. Sure, they're getting old, but so are Gibson. Look at them! They just change the colour scheme and pretend it's a new guitar! A WHOLE ****ING INNOVATION! And they cost twice as much as any Fender, for absolutely no reason besides collector's value.
The 2nd one would get you more of a RHCP sound.

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A good guitar, but as someone else said,perhaps not for RHCP.
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The Jag'd be better for grungy stuff. Kurt Cobain played Jag's fitted with humbuckers, for example.
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