Hi guys,

I recently finished this song and wanted to get it out there for other people to hear. Took me about 1 hour to do in GarageBand, so it's not perfect but as close as I'm going to get for a while. Please forgive the drums loops, they suck, but everything else was written and recorded by me.

I live to play.
If you're looking for critisicm then the only things I can say is that the riffs were a bit pseudo for me, it sounded out of tune and you have some timing issues.

Other than that it was pretty much your straight forward alternative metal song, I did like the tone of the clean intro and you played that part really smoothly, I just felt like the rest of it didn't flow as much as the intro.

I think if you just tried to develop it a little more, now that you have down a blueprint structure it might prove beneficial to try changing the arrangement or adding in more parts etc. You've got a nice little ballad on your hands there, and I don't have anything to bad to say about it but you asked for critisicm.