Hi all, first time posting a song of mine, I'm very proud of it and hopefully you'll enjoy it too, any crit is appreciated.

EDIT: Just realised that it only works properly with GP5.2 and the MIDI doesn't import particularly well into previous versions, sorry about that! But you can still give the MIDI a listen, thanks.
Mama's Gone.zip
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Hey thats not at all bad, good job.

Although ones thing I noticed was one of the guitar parts in the distorted section after the very first intro acoustic bit, your have a held chord, while the parts underneath change. Not a bad idea but to me it sounded like it was drifting into off-key-ness here. hehe I hope you understand what I mean.

It was good though, I enjoyed it.

I've gotta say though I'd hate to be in a band playing that live haha so many effects changes lol
That was really good. The first acoustic bit was more creative then anything I could write. The electric part was nice and heavy, just how it should be. The drifting back into the acoustic part was smooth. Bars 26 and 28 are top notch, but you should add some Wide Vibrato on those harmonics.

The electric part is getting a little repetitive now.

But the solo was good stuff.

Oh nice key change.

Wow this songs really starting to drag.

Finally over lol.

It was good though, I give it an 8.8/10.
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Nice job man. That acoustic intro was really good. I thought all the parts were nice, for the most part, but like Of Wolves said up there, where you have the electric part set on let ring, it's melting over into other parts where it shouldn't really be. It doesn't really sound bad, but it's just a little weird.

The switching from the acoustic to electric parts was nice, I really dig stuff like that.
The solos were good too, but the drums got a little boring, especially in the harmony part. I would add some more cymbal crashes in there. Since you have them earlier when it stops it just feels dead at that part. But the guitars and everything there sound awesome.

It did get a little long-winded, but overall it was very sweet. Great job dude.