ok iv got an ibanez rg 300 floyd trem. and right now iv got EB slinkys 9 gauge. but the strings feel tight. i got 3 springs on the back and my truss rode is hard to turn both ways. and iv read some places i might need to take it out and someone told me the truss rode is what keeps the neck from snaping..is this true? but lets say i put 10s on there and took a spring out would that lossin the feel of the strings ya think?
dont scerw with your truss rod unless you know exactly what your doing or you can really screw up your guitar. as for your strings, it is the tension of your strings that give them there pitch, so if you want them to feel less "tight" then the only thing you can do is tune down. try tuning everything down half a step and put a capo on the first fret and play it like its tuned standard and see how that goes
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you can't loosen the strings, or springs and have the same pitch to your strings. the heavier the gauge of your strings, the tighter they have to be to produce the same pitch. so if you put 10s on and tune it the same as before, the strings will be tighter.

stay away from your truss rod, it has nothing to do with the "tightness" of your strings, it is what gives the neck its stability. you can really F up your guitar if you mess with it.
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