ok, so i got a new-to-me Jacksoff dkmg (i picked up off the 'Bay for $405 ) with the emg hz and i find they are nice enough, but my guitar lacks a little bass response. the E, and A strings in my Iby RG with tonezones have a little more kick to them.
now, before i spend the $100+ on a new set i'm gonna try a little heavier gauge string on the bottom.

btw, this is through a mesa 50 cal+ and i never go near the clean channel.
oh, i'm really not to interested in the $190 blackouts. if it comes to it, i'd rather stay in the $60/pickup range. also i'd consider off brands to keep it on the cheap side like kent armstrongs.

thanks for the help
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A Duncan Distortion would fit your needs most likely.
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