At first hello to everyone! I'm about to buy a guitar. That thread "What guitar under $300" was really helpful. But the thing is, it doesn't consider guitars with CUTAWAY.

I tried some guitars and it really helps to play higher frets on a cutaway, it's kinda big plus to have it, cause i wanna play like kirk hammet parts in the park you know . But in other hand it cost more and apparently have worse sound? In D10SCE electronics arent really important, its just a cutaway what is. So i'm really asking for help in choosing which one of these. Because i'm totally screwed, which to choose. All information appreciated, thx!
I suggest you the WASHBURN D10SCE... as you said the cutaway is really a good thing to have and allows an easy acces to higher notes. This guitar, I recommand it to you my friend, that is the best guitar you can afford for the price, you won't regret it. Best sounding guitar for your money...

the reason why there aren't guitars with a cutaway listed in that thread is that most guitars with a cutaway are acoustic-electric. that thread is for acoustics. if you want good ideas for guitars with a cutaway, you can still use that thread. most of the guitars in that thread are offered as a slightly different model with a pickup and cutaway... just like the d10s versus the d10sce. here are some good choices that come to my mind:


as you can see... none of these are under $300. no reputable companies produce decent quality acoustic-electrics for under $300. another option: i have seen this takamine online, but never in person:


it has some great features, including a cutaway but without being acoustic-electric, and is very reasonably priced. i have no idea what it sounds like, but if you come across one it might be worth tryin out.