I'm completely new to guitars and playing any kind of musical instrument. I'd like to learn how to play the electric guitar.

Can someone give me advice on buying an electric guitar? I want the whole package...like amps, tuner, and whatever I need to get me started (can someone point me to an online deal etc). My budget is less than $250 but I can go upto 300. GuitarCenter has some good deals online but I don't know which "package" to choose.
My friend recommended http://www.guitarcenter.com/Yamaha-GigMaker-EG-Electric-Guitar-Pack-516049-i1372111.gc , is that any good?

Should I also apply for guitar lessons? I kind of want to start playing anything instead of lessons (I heard most guitar lessons are boring). Also, does anyone have a quickstart guide? Like where to place my fingers and some notes/songs I could play?

I eventually want to play like this guy http://youtube.com/watch?v=RbJgrYJUpeM lol
For a first guitar, I think get an acoustic, but otherwise if you want agood cheap guitar get a yamaha pacifica 112.

As for amps, get a Roland Cube or a vox valvetronix. Those are fairly cheap and have a few effects so you wont need to spend on pedals.

For lessons, you should try getting a teacher at first but otherwise online youtube lessons are fine
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I wasn't happ at the time, but I'm glad I did, when I first bought my Electric I could pretty much do everything, my finger strength was alot better than it would be if I had started with an electric.
So I'd save your money, and spent a little bit on an acoustic
I'd start out with a Yamaha Pacifica, IMO they really are great starter guitars, they're versatile too and will definitely last you a while.
Although there a bit more expensive some of the Cheap Fender Squiers are pretty good for a beginner.
Look on Craigslist and buy a used Fender Squier and a 15watt student amp. Add a couple of cables and youre set. You should be able to PU the whole shebang for $150 to $200.

Another possibility would be to go to the Music Store and buy a Squier Strat and then buy the amp on Craigslist for $35 to $50. Heck... I know people who bought these set-ups for thier kids and have them stuffed in a closet! Look/ask around...

Unlike some, I really believe in buying used equipment for starters. Firstly, most beginners quit after a few weeks or months and secondly, you need something to play and learn on. Later, when you know what youre really interested in, you can buy your dream guitar.

Either of those options should get you started just fine!