I've just recently discovered The Toadies (friend's dad gave me the album: Rubberneck).

Just curious if anyone else has heard of them, and what everyone things about them.
I love them, I think their sound is amazing and they just have a good groove to them. Almost like a 1970/1980 version of Chevelle...

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The Toadies are awesome!!!

They recently had a one-of reunion show in Austin, Tx. I was in the front row!!!
Toadies are Great! I'm learning to play bass and their stuff is fun because it's pretty easy. I wish they'd get back together again.
****. I bet they're putting together a new album. They announced some TX and east coast tour dates for June. Touring to support a new album? It kinda makes sense.

6/20 - San Antonio - Sunset Station

6/21 - Fort Worth - Ridglea Theater

6/24 - Atlanta - Masquerade

6/25 - Washington DC - Black Cat

6/26 - NYC - Bowery Ballroom

6/27 - Cambridge, MA - Middle East Underground

6/28 - Philadelphia - Trocadero

Going to see the Toadies on August 7th, I'm very excited.

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6/21/08 - Fort Worth - Ridglea Theater

I was in a band through Rock Camp USA at that time and the night before, we had to move our gear out of a practice space for them. So I've played in the same room as the Toadies.

I don't know why I didn't see them then, they're a fantastic band.
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