ok so i have the power tabs program now and i keep getting caught up on the bend (let ring) release function. i know you have to select bend and hold, then follow up with the gradual release but everytime i do that i get an error message stating "there are not enough notes to complete the bend function". i am trying to bend over a note and release several notes later so as far as i know.. i have enough notes. can anyone help me?
At the moment, you hav 2 notes right? Bent note (1) and release note (2). This will work if you chose "Release immediate". However, is you want to release gradually, you need a 3rd note to end the release.
In tab form, this is what you need

Note 1 - "bend and hold"
Note 2 - tie it with note 1 and "release gradual"
Note 3 - tie it with note 2.

Note 3 willl last for its length so, sometimes, it helps if you make it a grace note (acciaccatura). This means that if you want to hold the note for a beat then release it on the next one, it will stop immediately after the release.
Hope this Helps

Elliot Wenman
yea i see what your saying.. and it works for using three notes like you said but heres my setup:

I---------- (6)^---------------(6)

see i wanna release the bend over the next six ghost note. i can release it to say the second and third six in the sequence but anything more and it just says the same thing. im doing something wrong so ill just keep working on it. =] thanks for the help =]
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