I'm working on a figured bass assignment for AP music theory.

Key of e minor, in 2/4.

One bar has a half note that's a B in the bass. Under it, it says 4 -- #. I know this is a suspension, but I dunno how to do it. B in e minor is the v chord, and i know that the chord should have a D for one quarter note, and the # signifies that it becomes a V chord, so it becomes D#. What does the four indicate though?
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>_> I'm only in 11th grade and have only been studying music theory for about 8 or 9 weeks. I don't understand a lot of what you said but, doesn't the signify the interval between the bottom note and the top note of the chord? We've only learned V7, triads, and like a 6/4 chord or something. This probably doesn't help though because the teacher said we don't even need to learn figured bass anyway
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noooooooo, the 4 indicates a fourth above the B in the bass, which means you'd throw in an E in the soprano. however, a fourth is dissonant and unstable so that's when the suspended E resolves to the D#. that's where the # in the figured bass comes in. think of this as a cadential 6/4 chord moving to the dominant.