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30 57%
23 43%
Voters: 53.
I'm getting a Gibson Les Paul Custom any day now, but which colour should it be?
I don't like the Wine Red, so it's between the White or the Ebony.
Personally i think in looks great in either, but i'll let you decide as i don't mind.
Most votes by Friday evening will be what i'm getting.
Thanks for your help
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As we all know, the ebony sounds better. Because it's analog paint, you see.
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White is gergeous
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White looks majestic.
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Whites harder to keep clean. I'd go ebony

Au contraire, mon ami. Ebony shows all your greasy fingerprints.
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Wine Red
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Wine Red


That or white. It looks sexy, and after a good 30-40 years, it'll become a nice cream colour.
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