Hey guys, I've been working on this one for a while now off and on. I'm most likely going to change some stuff around (specifically the ending) so any suggestions you might have would be great, for any part really. I was going for a Horse the Band-type song with this one, and hopefully I didn't rip anything off unintentionally, aha. So yeah, have a listen and let me know what you think. C4C
Techno Metal Song.zip
Holy ****, that was really cool. A lot of the timing was really strange, but that just made it better. The synth parts were great, and so were the drums. It was really cool when you mixed the guitar and synth to make a harmony. It was good ****. If you want, you can check out the "dance metal" song in my sig, since it's kind of like this, but not really, lol.
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Hey thanks man. And I actually have already listened to your song, which was awesome, by the way. I left a comment on there before...it's one of the earlier ones I think. Actually, I listened to yours and I was like, man I gotta write something like that haha. There isn't enough music like it out there, in my opinion.

Thanks again!
The harmony with the guitar and keyboard made my ears happy. Overall, I think it was fantastic. I can't really find a flaw to point out. I definitely want to hear more stuff like this.

Mind checking out my tab?
Adding my tabs as they are created. Any critiques are greatly appreciated!

Melodic metal
Awesome, brilliant, wow!

Section 1 was good, bit long and repetitive though.
Section 2 was really awesome, and when the harmonies come in, wow!
Section 3 had to be my favorite though, really techno metal sounding.
Section 4 was boring I thought, way to long, way to repetitive.
Section 5.. WOW! Can you actually play those solos? They are really sick! And then the guitar overdub comes in, brilliant
And the outro was good too, just like section 1..

Overall, wow dude, awesome song xD 9/10!

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Hey thanks for the crits guys!

Man, section 4 was my favorite part, haha. It's cool though, I see what you're saying DarkTom.
And I gotta come clean, no I can't play the solos that fast. I'm working on it though.

I appreciate it guys, and I'll give your tunes a listen here shortly.
Eh, sorry if I was so harsh, but I just realized that, if you put both guitar pan to 0, it sounds really awesome. Try it out, it has a nice feeling, although it's maybe a tick too long.

By the way, cheers for the crit ^^