alright so Im thinking that the sophmore album is the hardest to release because it throws you down a certain path of whether your getting Heavier or Softer (well in rock)


Staind got Softer
Bullets and Octane got Heavier

Heres the problem

our first album that we're still recording is kinda split genres... half Classic Rock half Progressive Metal, because we were writing it for 3 years and i guess we just changed over time. but Now we're working on new material for the next album.

So Idk whether to just stay Prog metal to gain new fans or have another split album and keep are original fans, classic rock fans...

Do what's most important to you.

Dont be an OMG SELLOUT!!!!

I can't see how it'd be so hard to just write the music you want to write. Obviously try to stay loyal to your fanbase, but if you want to do a couple of unusual tracks on the album, who's going to stop you?
umm just make the album how you want to make it. be glad that you can make an album that someone is interested in.
Just be original, don't succumb to people telling you what to do with YOUR music. Play want you want. Rock hard or get weird just be original.
Don't get ahead of yourself. Having some master plan for your art makes it less meaningful when you get there, it should be spontaneous and from the heart, not calculated.
i appreciate the comments and how for once no one was an @$$

Im thinking more toward prog metal but still having a few songs still classic rock... that way we dont get stuck in and endless circle of one genre,

FYI my solo music ranges form acoustic rock to country to pop to electronica and r&b
Don't over think it, write alot of songs and then pick from those songs what you think would work best and compliment each other on an album. Don't worry what peope will think of it, that will make you crazy and paranoid and distract you from your ultimate goal, a really good album.