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try picking near the bridge. When i learned to tremolo pick i spent 5 hours one night doing the tremelo part to eruption and i was still hitting more than one string the next morning.

keep doing it until u can do it flawlessly. then you get faster which is acheived the same way.

No 'wax on, wax off' with it im afraid.
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Start very slow, and get in perfect time. Say 16th notes at 60bpm. Make sure you economise your movement, so you're moving as little as possible, but with as little tension as possible too. Once you have it in perfect timing, and you're barely moving your hand and fingers (of your picking hand), and have as little tension in your muscles as possible (whilst keeping a decent grip on your plectrum), move up to 65bpm.

You gotta start slow to go fast .
Playing along to a metronome or counting out loud is incredibly important
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I'd like to reach light speed, how?

i guess you kinda need a wookie for that n shout: kick it to hyperspace chewie! *chewie sounds* n then the stars go all stripey n stuff.

/edit and also anything that has a hyperspace generator! like an X-wing, Tie Fighter or just the millenium falcon
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On topic: No, I haven't met any famous artists.

ofcourse i laughed xD

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Yeah, keep your hand tight.

NO! For god's sake don't keep your hand tight! In all parts of your picking hand and arm you need to be as relaxed as possible without losing your grip, use a light grip on your pick and try to keep your hand relaxed because if you don't you introduce extra tension to your arm which leads to slower playing.
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