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I tried searching but could only find guitar versions.

So yeah, why did you choose to pick up a bass? I mean it's not exactly the most "attractive" instrument. Most people choose guitar or drums, but why did you choose bass?

And please don't think I'm slagging the bass, I play myself (though I'll admit I went from guitar to bass) and I think a good bassline is key to a good song, but yeah, why such an underrated instrument?
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Ive just always been drawn into the power of the bass, and I have always loved the classic rythm sections. JPJ and Bonzo, blablablabla, etc........
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People choose bass because they believe that is easier than guitar (wrong). When really the only simularity between bass and guitar is its shape (slightly).

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I played guitar for about a year, then realized that I always seem to find myself paying more attention to the bass and drums than melodies. So I pondered the switch, and finally bought a bass. I haven't played guitar in two years now.

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lol i want to learn bass, but i dont want to shell out the money for one...
reason? one word
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well.. I saw Robert Trujillo(Metallica) .. and he is like.. my influence for bass.. like kirk is for my guitar:P.. the attitude..
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Well, there's a few threads on this, and a few of you know my Brian May story....

But I'm gonna discuss why I stuck with bass.

It allows me to get stuff out that I may not be able to do with words, more eloquently. I play for myself, other people's enjoyment come second.

Sounds selfish, but you don't enjoy yourself playing, what's the point?
Went to see Maiden live and was amazed by Steve Harris. Also, I remember watching The Blues Brothers and listening to the soundtrack and being wowed by Donald "Duck" Dunn's playing.
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Well, my friends told me they wanted to start a band. They already had a vocalist and guitarists, and they needed a drummer and a bassist.

I choose bass because it seemed to appeal to me more I guess.
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Well, there's a few threads on this, and a few of you know my Brian May story....

But I'm gonna discuss why I stuck with bass.

It allows me to get stuff out that I may not be able to do with words, more eloquently. I play for myself, other people's enjoyment come second.

Sounds selfish, but you don't enjoy yourself playing, what's the point?

QFT. And your brian may story wins.

I started because everyone was telling me to learn a musical instrument and bass just seemed more mysterious.
my sb was a good guitarist, and thinking id never be better i decided to not comptete, and i dont regret that decesion at all. (and now we're in the same league.)
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I like the fact that you can use a lot more creativity and innovation when coming up with the bass lines. You can stand in front at times or you can sink into the background, it's your choice. And in my opinion any bass line that doesn't just follow the chord structure is much more difficult than playing guitar. I've played guitar for about a year and a half now, and I'm getting a bass guitar of my own at Christmas (I use my mate's right now) - 5-string Fender Jazz Standard if I can.
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Because my drummer friend's church band needed one. And my school actually has one, so I used to go in and play in my free time.
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Yeah I agree bass is really hard compared to guitar, like I thought I could just transition but you pretty much need to learn a new instrument.

And some bassists are much better than the guitarists. Even the people who follow the guitar parts (ie John Campbell from Lamb Of God) come off as better players because it's much harder to play on bass.
EDIT: BTW thanks for all the responses this is interesting
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well.. I saw Robert Trujillo(Metallica) .. and he is like.. my influence for bass.. like kirk is for my guitar:P.. the attitude..

Trujillo was my influence too. First saw him on MTV at the Rock Am Ring gig just after he joined Metallica. Looked like he was kicking ass so I got a bass. Next step, join Metallica...
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I play both guitar and bass (more guitar than bass), and i just wanted to say that bass is most definitely NOT easier than guitar. sure, some bass riffs for some songs are easier than the guitar riff for that song, but they're basically the same difficulty level, in my opinion.

i was playing yyz by rush on GH2, and i went into practice and played the bass part on expert, full song.

it makes the guitar parts look easy, including the solo.

so bass is NOT easier than guitar.

now that we've cleared that up, here's why i play bass as well as guitar. i like to have a variety of different instruments i can play, and, in my opinion, you kinda have to know how to play guitar to play bass, which is why it's similar in difficulty.

there's no specific reason, but it's like you see so many dudes that can play guitar great, but you don't see nearly as many bassists that play great.
Bass is essential to pretty much all rock music (except acoustic etc.). I play guitar too, I don't really have a preference, I'm in two bands and play bass in one, guitar in the other.
I guess one of the main things that attracted me to bass is that it can make the most repetitive guitar line sound good if the bass root notes/melody is changing beneath it. The lowest notes in a piece of music just seem to automatically govern the way you hear it so a change in the bass notes is a lot more effective than on guitar. I love trying to find new ways of using that effect.
Another thing is that it often allows me to sing a lot more/easily in the band where I'm on bass, so it gives me a kind of freedom there. You don't have to worry about being boring when you just play root notes for sections of a song, cause it is kind of your job, whereas on guitar you're the melody maker, and it's hard to do a good melody and sing sometimes (bearing in mind I'm in a three piece when I play guitar and sing, and that I'm not Matt Bellamy).
However, I do find that the creativity I can find on guitar is far greater, I'm lucky that in my bass band I still get to write the guitar parts (and bass and drums and lyrics ). That's the only majorly bad thing that could come from being resigned to bass.

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i'm mainly a guitarist, but when i just happen to have unlimited access to a 1978 Rickenbacker 4001 bass, it'd be ungrateful not to play bass too
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One night I fell into a transcendental state, and in a vision, St. Duck of Dunn came forth from the darkness and handed me a vintage P Bass and declared, "As it is written, so shall it be".

But seriously, I've always been attracted to the low rhythmic tones of the bass; it just took me over a decade of misinformed playing rhythm guitar to make me realize I should really be playing bass.
i got drunk and bought a bass, did nothing with it for 6 months then got asked to join a pop rock band because i was the only person they knew who owned a bass, i picked it up quick and liked the sound so i stuck at it
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Well, I only really started listening to music 2-3 years ago, and about a year ago, I really started paying attention to the different instruments in the music I listened to. The bass just really stood out to me, so I decided to learn how to play it. Admittedly, I did start out playing guitar, but it just didn't feel right (No, I didn't switch because guitar was too hard, 'cause it wasn't =P)
I was listening to Pretty Fly, and i noticed the bass line properly one day, and that was either at the time or just prior to me wanting a guitar, so I thought it long and hard and got a bass instead.

Definitely glad i did
Well, I'd actually thought of playing bass before I played guitar but was persuaded to buy a guitar instead. What really pushed me into bass though, was the fact that are old bassist SUCKED. So I figured it'd be easier for me to switch to bass, then to spend 3 practices teaching him the root notes to one of our songs. And he'd been playing for at least 4 years, with the best gear of any of our band mates. On top of that, he was unreliable. Longs story short I switched to bass, and don't regret the decision.
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I started out as a guitarist, but never became all that great at it. I knew my major chords and liked making some solo note riffs. I was already in my band as singer. There were so many great guitar players in my circle of friends, and even more crappy ones. I was just a guitar happy 17 year old.

Anyway, I was at my buddy's cottage and his kid brother brought up his Epiphone EB-0. I started jamming with my buddy (the guitarist of my band) with me on bass - I was doing all the solo note stuff I was doing on guitar, and it just clicked. I did the same things on bass much better than I did things on guitar. It just so happened that what I was playing on guitar was much better suited for bass.

From that point I doubled as a guitar/bass player. Since I was the only guy who really had a proper bass, I wrote all the bass lines for my band. I had a buddy that was going to play these bass lines, but evidently they were a bit out of his league. So, from there, I took on bass duties for my band, and eventually stopped playing guitar. I learned mandolin, and here I am.
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I wanted/had (for music back at collage) to play an instrument so started bass to be different because everyone else wanted to play electric guitar or drums.
Worked out perfect havent let go of a bass since the day I started
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I picked up acoustic guitar when I was about 8 in primary school, our instructor left so I stopped playing. Then I bought a cheap electric a couple of years back, It wasn't any fun. I was progressing, but then I saw the four string stomach-rumbling bass. When I saw my mate play it at school I knew I needed to get one.

I got one after my GCSEs as a reward and I've never stopped playing since. 6 months into playing and I was asked to join a band, so I seriously started working my ass off to be the best bassist I could, and I still am. I'm loving it, and I'm so glad that I picked it up. It's one of the biggest things in my life at the moment.
I think when i was in 6th grade the jazz band played some jazz rendition of Day Tripper by the beatles...and the bassist (who was a few years older than me) had turned the volume up a lot!!! so I really heard it and really liked it..its a catchy tune ya know...anyways i never got a bass, but i always had a desire to get one...then one day maybe 4 or 5 years later I spontaneously went to the music store and got an Ibanez GSR100 and it turned out to be a perfect fit for me..within months I had progressed incredibly fast..It was just like the instrument was made for me...but the coolest thing was that about 2 years after playing, the kid who was in that jazz band ended up moving to drums in their Rock group, and someone reccomended me to play, and I was asked to join the band as a bassist...sadly I didnt have the time to be in a second had to turn them down..
My story:

It was the beginning of high school i was making some new friends and one day one of my friends was hanging out with this guy... We were talking about music at the time and he joined the conversation talking about some good bands that no one else i know has heard of it was kinda cool talking to someone with the same tastes and musical knowledge as me... Then he was talking about how hes a guitarist and such and how when he first picked up guitar and learned a linkin park song how easy it was... Then he asked what i played and i said nothing. He was kinda surprised and was like wtf then why do you know so much **** about music and i was like... I have a lot of free time on my hands... As time went on we became better friends and i finally saw him play guitar he was a ****in beast i was amazed... So he started a band and they played in front of the school and everyone was like DAMN there good. After that im like screw it i'm picking up an instrement, i noticed the shortage of bassists in my area and how bascially every band in the school didn't have one. I also liked how the bass sounded it also looked sexy (you know it does). So i picked one up and i've been playing for 5 months and i've joined a couple of bands already lol. I'm also tired of how everyone plays guitar or drums...
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In fourth grade when they introduced the orchestra instruments to us. The double bass looked awesome to me, and I loved the sound. Though I was way too short so I went with the violin. Last school year I was finally able to play electric and a little bit of double bass in orchestra. So that's pretty much my reason/story.
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People choose bass because they believe that is easier than guitar (wrong). When really the only simularity between bass and guitar is its shape (slightly).

you got 1000% of my support in there ^.^

Well i play bass myself because its an instrument that defines me as a person, it just describes me in any way posible, where i live there are not that many musicians, and those little ones population is so low i know them all!!!! one of my best friend plays guitar, he thinks that just because the bass got 4 strings and the guitar also have those 4 strings he can play bass better than me, well by casuality i brough my bass to school and he brough hes guitar, I FREAKING PROVED HIM WRONG! he just acted as a tard in front of the whole school ^-^

As clever as always i always have an ace under the sleeve, one of my friends showed me some solos and also i can play for the love of god just to the part where he makes all those crazy hammer-on and pull-off`s he went out crying and i told him to never mess with a bassist again and was menacing me to start playing bass just to kick my ass later on, the bass might just have 4 strings (normal ones like mine) but if you dont know your instrument well then your just going to mess it big time...

A lesson left at school, bass rules, now i just need to convince this girl to start playing bass instead of playing guitar so now i must flee ^.^

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I picked it because it was an under appreciated instrument. I do not regret the decision one bit. Only Instrument I have ever played and I love it.
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When I was in 7th grade, my friends and I had the idea of starting a band. And, now, three years later, I'm playing bass, and jamming with those two same buds. It's pretty cool, once I get my new amp for xmas, we'll start gigging around. =D But from the day I heard oldschool RHCP I knew I wanted to play bass.
ok, yeah. my name is silly because I signed up when I was 13.

My brother gave me a bass when I was in 6th Grade, So I played bass, then after 3 years I moved to guitar and now after 2 years im back to bass.

I love bass, the power and it's soo much more fun.
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