i just recently got an ibanez rg370dx and i wanted to know about the locking nut. can i add some sort of padding to it? will it make a difference? is it safe to add it even though it didnt come with it? would i have to get another nut installed? thanks!
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Padding, as in something to make the nut higher? If so, then yes, you can remove the nut and place a shim under it. That will raise your action at the nut.
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no because i heard somewhere its better than having just no padding. thanks. is there any benefit to having it?
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Where are you planning on placing the padding? I'm assuming that the padding is to be placed under the nut, in which case it is not a bad idea. Usually, the factory has the nut too low and the bridge too high. If you aren't having major issues with the angle the strings run along the neck, then don't mess with it. I know a little shimming on my Jackson let me drop the action at the bridge another ~1/64th.
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what is wrong with ur guitar, that you are trying to fix?

is it that the strings are rattling in the nut? perhaps you have a scripped screw.

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