I'm looking to get a Squier Tele...now the question is, should I go with the affinity or standard series. From what I've gathered here are the differences:


Maple Neck
Top Load Bridge
Alder Body
2 Single Coil Pickups


Rosewood Neck
Thru Body Bridge
Agathis Body
2 Alnico Magnet Pickups
$30 more

So I believe the Alder is a better wood, but are the pickups going to be a little better on the Standard? If I would get the Affinity I might consider switching out the pickups in the future if I don't like them (although I'm not very hard to please). How much would a new set of DECENT pickups run me? If you can tell I'm new to the Electric Guitar world. I've spent about a year in acoustics.
the standard also has 22 frets whereas affinity has 21. I personally prefer the standard because i prefer the feel of a rosewood fretboard (the neck is still maple, btw)... I think you ought to try them both and find out which you prefer.
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The bad thing is, the last time I was in the local guitar shop their tele inventory was lacking to say the least. And yes, Rosewood fretboard, my mistake.
The affinity.
You can change pickups, not the body wood.
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Both seem to have alot of pros and cons compared to each other. A string-thru body is better, but Agathis is a bad wood compared to Alder. Id get the Affinity and mod it some. A new set of Fender Tele pickups is around $150 i think. Maybe replace the bridge with a better one and put thru-body holes on it. That would possibly be equal to a MIM Tele.
Standard, it's just a little more and probably has a little better quality.
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