Poll: How many instruments can you play?
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0 0%
4 3%
13 10%
25 19%
31 23%
23 17%
13 10%
8 6%
6 4%
12 9%
Voters: 135.
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I can play 2. Guitar and piano. Oh and youve got to actually be able to play something on that instrument. Not just ding a dong a danga bang bang.
guitar and bass

EDIT: and a bit drums
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guitar, trumpet, mellophone (f horn), piano, a little bass, and sax

...so, 6
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i can play saxophone, drums, bass guitar, piano and recorder (and yes i can actually play drums not just hit things)

all equally bad
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Guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, piano, mandolin, recorder, chanter and penny whistle. All for at least a year.

Edit- Voted 8 because its as high as it goes.
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Guitar, bass, piano/synth.
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Guitar, bass, harmonica, recorder, various percussion instruments, a wee bit of drums, and a little keyboard, I want to learn alot more instruments though, and possibly improve my drumming a bit.
In order of skill level:
I love trying out different instruments, especially stringed instruments. I'd like to get into wind instruments as well, but it seems like a whole different ball park, and I'm not really sure where to start. I primarily consider myself a guitarist, but learning new instruments has been a great way for me to improve my guitar playing too.
Guitar, Bass, Piano, Drums, Turntables( I consider it musical), Harmonica, Synths, and whatever else I can get my hands on.
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4 that I play regularly. 3 if drums aren't an instrument (two musicians and a drummer walk into a bar), 5 if you count singing.
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I play seval well, Guitar Drums and Bass
THen I dable in the following. As in I take 10 min, learn the notes and just transpose accordingly... Obviously this works best w/ strings
Mandolin, Banjo, Piano, Accordin
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guitar, bass, piano, trumpet, euphonium, drums (im a pro djembe player), upright bass, and singing is my main one. Who knows what else I could pick up...
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do i count triangles and cymbals and toy xylophones???

if not, five. guitar, keyboards, saxophone, harmonica, recorder.
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Bass guitar, piano, keyboard instruments (such as vibraphone, marimba, etc...i count them as 1 collectively), flute (for 7 years now), bassoon (three years), timpani, French Horn (only brass instrument I can play half decently), saxophone, guitar (but i'm not sure if I'm good enough for it to count), oboe.
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Getting Real Technical-12 String Electric,12 String Acoustic,acoustic,electric,bass 4-5 -6 String,piano,organ.syn,harmonica-regularand Chromatic,dobro,mandolin,violin,harp(not Harmonica)lute,cowbell,triangle,jews Harp,vipohone,mellotron,drums,bongos,9 And 10 String Steel Guitar.trumpet,trombone,french Horn,saxophone Etc.if It Has Strings I Can Play It.
Violin, since I was 6, guitar since I was 13, bass I've played 3 or 4 times and I'm getting one for Christmas and I'm learning piano...
That's a brilliant username... that is if your name it nick, because if it isn't it's a horrible misspelling.

5 if vocals count, i'd count em considering i do excercises for voice daily


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vocals, acoustic guitar, electric lead guitar, bass, piano/keyboard (I consider them to be one instrument), melodica (I consider this to be separate from piano/keyboard because of the breathing action, which takes some getting used to), a limited amount of flute, a limited amount of drums and percussion.

I'm not quite Brian Jones yet but I'm getting there.
Took piano lessons when I was younger, playing guitar at the moment, learned Led Zeppelin's "Bring it on home" on Harmonica and sings every now and then.

That would be 4.
Guitar, Baritone and Trombone
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Guitar, Trumpet, and just from playing guitar a bit of bass also.
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guitar, mandolin, banjo, harmonica, jaw harp, trumpet, piano.. and im counting bass, even though i dont own one.

EDIT: i played drums when i was real young, and took piano lessons for year when i was 5, and i took a year of violin in 4th grade.
Guitar and bass, that's it.

Oh, and I rap, which is completely out of place.
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