idk what it is, it just seems like lately i keep thinking about how much better things were in the 90's, nickelodeon, the movies, people trusted eachother.. i guess its that i'm just so fed up with how paranoid everyone is today ex) 3 different security checks at airports..and idk i guess i just miss the 90's and being a kid when there was no paranoia, no trust issues, people just had fun and were all relaxed compared to what were experiencing now
buy a flux capacitor, put one in your car, drive 88 mph and hope you go back to the '90s

i fluckin' love those movies
I see no sign of fortress.
People trusted each other in the 90's?

Even in the 80's everyone hated everyone.
Is it a bad thing if one of your testicles is larger then the other two?
I miss the cartoons so much. I would still watch Doug and all the classic cartoons today.
I have good memories of the 90s, but I don't miss them.

I mean, there's tons of cool **** happened since then. I wouldn't like being stuck back in the 90s. The nostalgia would fade and it would just seem pretty ****ty after a while.

Also, why is it UG has such a hard on for the 90s in general? Most of us were only kids in the 90s, there are kids using this site who were only born in 1994
It's looking back on the 90s that makes me realise how crap the 9-11 attacks were. The world is so much more paranoid and crap than it was back then.
Oh, how I miss watching Saved by the Bell in my Zuba pants.
My style is impetuous.
My defense is impregnable, and I'm just ferocious.
I want your heart.
I want to eat your children.

-Mike Tyson