It might be, very loosely considered a sort of Rhapsody, on account of how the style changes in different parts through the song, I dunno. It was somewhat influenced by the song Black by Pearl Jam and a few others.
EDIT: Woohoo check out the new Guitar Pro/ midi now with drums and bass
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WOW. I love the intro with the acoustic and the solo-ie thing over top if it. It sounds amazing. My only thing would be... playability in some of the distorted parts of the song, where you're jumping from power chord to power chord really fast. I mean, sliding up and down the strings to power chords is easy, but going from a A and D string chord to E and A, well, let's just say I don't see MYSELF being able to play that:P

Good stuff, keep me up to date, I wanna hear more.

EDIT: Okay, just imported it into GP5 because I HAD to hear it with RSE. EVEN MORE AMAZING! Keep up the good work!
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sweet.. I wish I had the full Guitar Pro RSE thing too now lol. Thanks a lot

Oh yeah the heavy distorted powerchord bit is tricky. To be honest I haven't really played the whole song thru, lots of stuff to remember.
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I know what you mean with the lots of stuff to remember thing Same with my song, the beast's freaking 8-and-a-half minutes long, that's lots of notes! Even though most of them are repeats. As I said in my thread, I can play pretty much all of them, and I'm even getting some of the 2nd solo embedded in the back of my mind.

And I just realized when I was talking about those power chords that I kinda made myself sound a little less skilled than I really am. I meant jumping from something like 3-5(E-A) to 3-3(A-D). It's probably a lot easier than what I'm making it out to be, but for some reason I always seem to do things the complicated way (like the Sweet Child O' Mine intro, for example).
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wow that was wuite good , i like the solo although i think there were a few wuite disharmonic benidngs but thats just guitarpro i think the only thing i don't like is in measure 4 and so on that you don't star on the first beat in tose measures i think this would fit the song better but thats just my opinion and there also some measures during the solo you could maybe change the scale it's based on like for example measure 36 , but all in all it's a very good song to listen to and what really pleases me is that it isn't repitive at all , in my opinion this is about 7.5/10

thanks for rating my intro

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