So for me it's time for a whole new set up. I'm getting a new amp and guitar within the next couple of months or so and I've got some decisions to make. Now I am looking into some guitars and really can't decide which one to get. I play Punk, Post Punk, Surf Rock, Modern Rock, Ska and Reggae. So out of these which would be my best choice? Also feel free to suggest any different guitars.




I say go with the '65 Stang.
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I dont know about Ska and Reggae, but I know tele's are good for the first 4 there. You just need distortion.
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get the '65 Stang, cause it sounds kickass to say "I have a '65 Stang.
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Go for the Stang man. It shouldnt disappoint you.
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The Stang or the Tele.
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Id go with the 72 Tele. It looks really good, and 2 humbuckers can be used in almost any genre, especially in Punk and Rock. Try out a good regular Telecaster, as it can do almost anything. The bridge pickup is bright, so itll do Ska, Reggae, and maybe Punk and Post Punk. The neck is great for nice, full, creamy cleans. The perfect guitar for u id think is a Tele with a Humbucker neck and regular bridge, or with a coil-tap fpr the neck humbucker put in.
I've narrowed it to only the mustang and the tele now. I also just noticed the les paul double cutaway is in my price range and has great reviews. I'm leaning towards the stang because I love the look but I plan on going to a guitar shop and spending a lot of time on all of them.