What's the general quality of Gibson SG basses? I've heard they sound unfocused but I've also heard some people say that they sound great.
They look awesome(EB series). Never tried one personally. I want one to be honest. The short scale intrigues Sly Taco.
Gibson basses in general seem to have a following of people that say "I love Gibson basses. I just do, OK?"

The neck mudbucker has no tonal definition at all. It's all ass-end and no sheen. The bridge mini-bucker (assuming we're talking an EB-3) is standard stuff but a bit boxy sounding. The short-scale ones (EB-0) have a hilarious amount of neck-dive (which, on a solid-body short scale bass, should not happen at all). The long-scaled EB-3's have it much, much worse. Their tone is marginally more focused as are most long-scales, but there's no focusing that neck pickup.

The Gibson EB-0 and EB-3 (and Thunderbird, for that matter) prove that you just can't take a guitar shape and idea and retrofit it to be a bass. It just doesn't work.

The fact that they cost over $2000 is insulting. There's no good points of an SG bass unless you're in that "I play it and I like it and I won't give reasons so shut up!" club.
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The only Gibson bass I've played was almost an SG, except it had single-coil pickups instead of the sidewinders. And it was stock. Must have been an obscure model.

Oh, and it sounded really good.
You tend to only really get low end out of them.
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EDIT: Sammcl pretty much got it dead on.
apparently according to a magazine review as long as you blend the two pickups well instead of just chucking both on full you can get a really good rock tone out of it, but then you can get a great rock tone out of countless basses that don't require you to sell all your worldly possessions to afford it, that don't have a suicidal tendancy to head straight for the floor as soon as you let your concentration slip for a second and then you gotta think how believable is a magazine review, i mean they are getting paid by gibson to promote the instrument after all.

onto quality. the quality of gibson basses is the same as their guitars, an old one will be built like a brick ****house and is never gonna break but more recent ones have been really hit and miss and definately don't justify their price tag
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