ok, so my dad's agreed to shell out for a schecter c-1 hellraise FR for christmas,
black cherry, which i can't seem to find anywhere in the UK. So it looks i'm shopping online and overseas, which i'm a bit skeptical about.
The most reliable site i've heard about is musiciansfriend.com.
Does anybody have any experience with using their site to ship products overseas? How where they?
If not, does anybody have any other sites to reccomend to me?
cheers for the help guys,
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Musiciansfriend.com doesn't ship overseas. Just to the US and Canada for now.

Maybe one of your local stores can order one for you?
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You could try ordering from:

- Guitarguitar

- Thomann.de

- The Guitarampkeyboard center
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there you go. $100 to ship to the UK so it should work out under £350 altogether

to be honest that's probably £100 over what it should cost, but they don't sell that model here it would seem. they are still up and coming in the uk and europe
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