Okay ive been trying to set up a wedding band for the past 5 months. Its really been a nightmare completely. Basically i have real trouble getting reliable musicians in my area, so much so that ive had to employ my bass pupil who is 17 and get session guys from the other side of the country. Ive had to sack 3 guys for not turning up and as many have left because of the problems ive incurred. I have this chicken and egg dilemma that i cant get a full lineup to reherse , do pictures and submit to agents etc to get gigs, and i cant get the members until i get gigs.

I think really a lot of the musicians resent playing with a 'kid'. despite him being 100% reliable and a whizz on the bass. Im not sure where i can go, because ive invested a lot of time and energy and i was banking on this as being a long term band and i totally am determined to make it work and really want to do it more than anything.
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where do you live/want to play at, and what exactly do you need for the band atm?

live in the you, want to play at weddings/functions etc, need to get the band then gigs or vice versa.
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well, I meant more specificaly, what state are you in, and what musicians you need to complete the band.

we dont have states in the uk and we need a proficiant keys player at least if not better singer and older bass player.