well, thats all, do singing lesson help?
how much do they help?
what do you think of them?
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Yes they help, make sure you get a teacher thats willing to teach you the style you want to sing.

I've never had lessons, i dont think i need them to sing
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People have been taking singing lessons for God knows how long. If they didn't work then they wouldn't be offered because there wouldn't be a market for them.
On a personal note, I sing in a boys choir and we get a lot of instruction in singing, and I can tell for a fact that my voice has significantly improved. It takes time and a fair share of training. So if you want to work at it theres no doubt in my mind you can become a great singer with lessons.
It deffinately helps, lessons teach you alot.
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it helps but you are born and die with a good or bad singing voice really. you cant make someone who is tone deaf good.
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it helps but you are born and die with a good or bad singing voice really. you cant make someone who is tone deaf good.

VERY few people are actually tone deaf, most people that are considered tone deaf just need practice.

It's always better to take lessons rather than teach yourself.
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OBVIOUSLY singing lessons make you WORSE at singing

i thought everyone knew that

Thats pretty much exactly what came to my mind, when I saw this thread. Yes they will help, how much depends on the person, and how much they already know, or how much they are able to learn.
I think the answer to your question doesn't really need answering...if there are lessons available, they PROBABLY do some good. I've never taking singing lessons but I reckon I should. Get breathing excersises and stuff.
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I'm living proof it helps, the breathing technique and articulation of certain words really do make it better
I second the idea about making sure they will teach you the style you want, or at least be smart enough to apply the universal techniques you're taught to a specific style instead of just emulating the teacher entirely. If I hear one more airy choire voice trying to sing gritty rock music...
oh yea they will help. i never took any because i can already sing pretty decent. the only thing that came close to lessons was when i was in my high school play(beauty and the beast). we had some help from a vocal teacher with our songs but really i could already sing them. she helped me mostly with warm ups and breathing and stuff like that which actually, helped a lot.
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