I have an Epi LP Standard with Seymour duncan Alnico II pro pickups, its good for the classic rock i play but i've gotten more into metal lately.

I can spend around 1200 but i would prefer something around 800-1000$, i was looking at a Jackson DK2M Dinky http://jacksonguitars.com/products/search.php?partno=2911005576
Would that be a good choise ?

I play Children of bodom, Amorphis, Trivium, In flames etc.
I have a VoxAD30VT amp and a Toneport UX2, but my sister has a marshal DSL100 that i use alot aswell.

Yes, a Jackson Dinky would be an excellent choice for metal. It's practically a standard issue for metalheads these days!
If at all possible. you should play the guitar(s) you are considering. Obvious i kno but the guitar that works for one shredder may not neccessarily work or feel comfortable to another. simply put: play with what FEELS right. that jackson wouldnt be a bad choice though, i must say....
well i would go with a gibson explorer. i think your choice but the dkmg would be better. check out the shecter c-1 hellraiser also
Theres no music store close to where i live so i'd have to order one :/
Do you need a trem?
Is that US dollars or...?
Any particular brands or shapes you want?
Can you go second hand?

Check out an Ibanez RG1570, ESP LTD MH-400 / M-400, that Jackson you linked (or a DKMG), Washburn X40PRO, Schecter Hellraiser (FR version) and maybe some old 2nd hand metal guitar of some sort.
ive got a dk2m, awesome axe! you would like! but like stated before, you probably would like the dkmg better for metal. emg's vs seymours.
Yeah that should be good if you get a heavier distortion pedal with a lot of gain. Or if its possible you can change to Blackout AHB-1 pickups those are great I want them. It would be best if you caould go to a guitar shop and test some out for your specific needs, though.
dude, your sister has a marshall, I love her!
lol, I'd go with the Jackson,
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The Jackson is great, and is very well made. However, as I've said many a time, the JB doesn't have the most bass response possible due to the alder body. I would play it first. If you don't like it, swap the JB for a Distortion, which is essentially the same pickup with a ceramic magnet.
Schecter and ESP... thats all i have to say
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