So im making high end smoke bombs, and I need to know how to measure 70g of salt peter without a scale.
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Buy a scale, only a few quid >_>
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"high end"?

you're going to need a scale
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Buy a bag that says 1lb on the side of it. 70g=1lb. Try it, go on try it.
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use the 'hand-cup' scale. or 'boob-cup'.

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Find out how much 1mL of it weighs and then use a measuring cup from your kitchen and do some math.
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if you have a beaker put in there. 1mL = 1g for water, it will be different for salt peter though.
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heh heh

there's a MUCH faster / blindingly obvious way of doing this but i'm not telling you.
I assume your making the ones using saltpeter and caster sugar? Those look pretty damn good. And by the way, where the hell did you get saltpeter? I've had a really hard time finding it.