Right now my current rig is a MIM Strat w/ Fender Vintage Noiseless pickups, Vox Valvetronix, and a Boss Blues Driver

I have no idea how to decide what to buy next

Should i buy an EQ pedal for have more tone versatility/ other pedals
A new all tube amp (<600$)
An acoustic guitar (sold my old one, so now i have none)
Put new pickups on my Strat, because I want more distortion, but I think its kind of a waste to take off one of the Noiselesses that I paid for, or
A new electric guitar (looking at some of the Schecters)
Or something else?

In this current situation, what do you guys think is most important for me to buy?
MIM Stratocaster w/ Vintage Noiseless Pickups
VOX Valvetronix AD15
BOSS Blues Driver
VOX V847 Wah
Boss RC-2 Loop Station
amp, all the way.
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