As I am getting better at guitar, I think I should make an upgrade. I am noticing how bad this equipment is now.. I have a squire affinity strat with the frontman 15g... ugh. I am into playing a fairly wide range like metallica,pantera.. and some softer stuff. This affinity strat is just not cutting it! Not to mention the distortion on the 15g is crappy. Would you reccomend me getting a new setup?

The setup I would personally like to have is:

Guitar: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/ESP-M200FM-Electric-Guitar?sku=516679 (in black)

Amp: Peavey ValveKing 212.... most likely.

I am not sure about anything else. Please make any suggestions.
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Only thing i can recommend is to definitley play something before you buy it. Just because something looks good on the internet doesn't mean it will feel or sound good.
guitar looks nice. as for the amp, dont do it. you can get much better for less or the same pice, what kind of music do you play? and is 830 as much as you can spend on an amp?
I know about the guitar... I have tried it before But not the amp... does anyone have any suggestions for amps $1000 and under..
+1 to COBHC728

And don't believe the manufacturer's spiel, especially Line 6's. They tend to sound like their latest amp is a gift from the gods for your aural and musical salvation. Listen to what other people have to say about them.
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marshall DSL401? I dont know american prices so well, ebay

about 700 - 800 used.
and that would be a very good choice
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marshall DSL401? I dont know american prices so well, ebay

hm... looks good. Same with the peavey valvekings. ( I am canadian just for the record.)
An Ashdown FA40 or '60 with an Ibanez TS-9 would be good.
Laney GH50L's are supposed to be good, and ENGL Screamers and Thunders come highly recommended. Or Laney LC's and VCs are good, though the VCs need a boost to get into metal territory.
the valvekings are wonderful. even if it doesnt have enough gain for you, you can buy a metal pedal with the money you saved, it has a lot of gain though, dont be worried.
I was thinkin maybe a valveking 212, or the Marshall DSL401.

(i guess were in agreement i need new equipment)
yea, i was wanting the valveking, but i couldnt spring enough cash, so i had to go with an epiphone. I wish i went with the valveking.
For now I have decieded on the ValveKing.. But first i will have to go and try them when I can.