im just sorta learning to slap...im ok at it but im struggling to build up my speed and coordination between both hands. anyone got any tips?
I dunno if ur into books, but if you are...there is a really...really..X100 good book for slap stuff. It has a lot of basic licks for practicing different aspects of the slap/pop style, and excersizes that can be repeated to build up speed and endurance. But also there is a large section that has many different slap licks that will help open your ears to the possibilities with slapping..and not to mention they're fun to play.

The book is called "Slap It" by Tony Oppenheim


check it out...it's really helped me!!
You could try starting with octaves. If it's co-ordination practice you want, just pick an octave. Any one. Slap and pick it 'til you have a steady rhythm going, doesn't have to be fast (about 75-80bpm will do), just steady.
Then try lifting each left hand finger in turn, as you respectively slap and pick, just to practice shortening the notes. Then you should have control of note duration.
Once you've got that, try moving it around a scale, again any one will do. Try 4 cycles of slap and pick, 'cos it's naturally 1 bar, in 4/4.
After that, try a classic cheesy disco riff. Slap and pick E-E (7th fret, A string / 9th fret, G string) then down to C#-C#, up to D-D, D#-D# and back to E-E...one octave per note of a bar of 4/4. Again, start slow and build up speed.
You might wanna get some flares and a chest wig; it is that cheesy!
But seriously, it'll get your timing in. Just stick at it - depending on your skill and experience level it might take awhile to get there - but it is well worth it!
Good luck!
try learning aeroplane by the chilli peppers, but forget about the fills, its kinda easy once u get the hang of it, itll teach u the basic octave technique like creepingjesus suggested n when u get better u can add fills n wotnot