So I am thinking about putting a bigsby system on my flying v
i went to the bigsby website and the ones that will fit are the
and B500
What are the differences between these?
and do you guys that have bigsbys like them?
Thanks guys
bigsby's usually have tuning issues that come with them, but those issues can be avoided if you buy a new bridge that has the whole roller saddles thing on it, and you get locking tuners. anyways, i like bigsbys cus they can add a little bit of embellishment to chords, but kindof suck if you wanna do pretty much any little trick using harmonics. oh and they look pretty badass on a V
haha i think they look prety sweet too.
I don't do any crazy harmonixs or anything
jsut prety much a straight ahead classic rock player (atleast with that guitar)
all the models i listed look the same and i can only find the b5 online anywhere
i jsut want to make sure i get the best thing for me
even the bigsby site doesn't say the differences
bigsbys are crap, if you plan on bending the bar more then 1 step then dont get one. it goes way out of tune, theyre really not good at all.
whoa, hold up.....a Bigsby on a Flying V? Never saw that one coming....