I found a Peavey XXL head for $450, good buy? I play mostly metal and hard rock so i need to know what styles it will fit, and i also like a good clean tone.
The Devil Wears Prada used to use these.

I mean, I don't really like TDWP, but just in case you do, the used to use them.
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yeah dude, its a good buy
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my friend is in a death metal band and he uses it. it works nice for that. i even played some skynyrd live with one on the vintage setting and it sounded good for that too
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Is this a modelling amp? i really don't kno much about them, just found one used. How does it take to pedals?
Well fr 450, can you get an XXX instead? THat's a tube amp. The XXL is a hybrid and not that good IMHO.
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This amp is used, and the XXX is out of my price range, $450 is about as high as i can go now.
$450 for the XXL? I used to have one, I bought it new for $500-something. I wouldn't bother. it's not tube. it gets crappier as your turn the volume up on it.

you crank the volume, and like all true solid state amps, you get more feedback than signal.

keep saving brother. keep saving.

also, you could look online for a used Peavey Ultra. it's basically the precurser to the XXX. same tone I hear. people have said they rip with an EQ pedal in the effects loop.
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The XXL sells for $700 new nowadays, i really have no idea what i should do lol.
I don't like the XXL, I don't like solidstate amplifiers.

For $450 you could get it, or just wait and get a nicer amplifier.

I've found that you shouldn't rush to get an amp unless you have to. You'll be much happier in the end.
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The XXL sells for $700 new nowadays, i really have no idea what i should do lol.

I sold my XXL and picked up the Valveking. the VK is far superior to the XXL in all tonal abilities, better effects loop as well.

for $450 you could probably save up a little more cash and wrangle in a used 5150 combo as well. I was looking into getting a used 5150, but was impatient and grabbed the local and accessible VK. I wish I had waited.

but now I'm saving up for a Rivera. so all is well.
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