Ok, i've only got £100 to spend on recording, any ideas fior mic?...

Line 6 - toneport ux1 - £75
Audacity - free
Mic - ???

Line 6 toneport Gx-£50
Mic -???

I've been advised to get the toneport ux1 but if i do then i'd have to get a cheaper mic, also any better ways in recording for under £100 without installing hardware?
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Behnringer c-1 in that case i would say, if you need any recording technique help, jst PM me

To be honest there wont be a huge difference between them i shld think, there all the same tye of product.

P.S slash does indeed = legend
Professional Mixing available at request.

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be aware that the UX1 doesnt have any phantom power on board so it wont work with a condenser mic.

I suggest a lower end dynamic like the Shure PG or SM line

the PG series of shure mics are cheap but still very decent. if you're on a tight budget, you will not regret buying them.
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