Ok, so I'm a former guitarist, but due to the other members of my band I've become bassist/singer. I picked up bass rather easily, but it's singing I'm having some trouble with. I can sing along with a song on the radio/cd/computer and sound great, but when its acappela (spelling?) it doesn't sound so great. My band plays a mix of southern rock/metal. Our influences include bands like Pantera, BLS, The Showdown, Maylene, Alabama Thunderpussy, and even some Lynyrd Skynyrd and .38 Special. We have a few originals with both singing and screaming parts. Any ideas on how I can improve my singing?
Well the easiest way is to take lessons, however always make sure you're breathing in the right places and that your standing upright back flat. Sing from the diaphram not the throat and ROCK ON!!
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hol;d a not and stab ur self with ur index finger where ur stoumach ends if u can learn to take air out of there the u can sing

oh and if u sing to a recording. try singing in front of ur freinds, trust me thell be frank and tellu either to shut up or keep singing.
look up some vocal exercises online, scales and stuff so you can practice going out of your range and building up an ear for it. also, sing from your gut, so your louder and you usually have better range there

also, try this stuff
it tastes awful, but after the first few times you get used to it. it will drastically improve your range and stamina for singing and screaming. back when i was younger i played in a punk band (bleh) and i sang, it was mostly a lot of yelling, and this spray was a life saver

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