OK so I've been playing guitar for 6-7 years now and during the last few years I've started thinking about getting a band together, but when I see these bands doing these small gigs, like starter gigs, they have all this gear aside from their amps I mean like little sound boards and speakers....Now I know this **** is pretty common place and neccessary for that matter but my question is when you start doing small gigs do you need to OWN the stuff, does the venue PROVIDE it for you, or do you RENT it??
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depends on the venue :p


A lot of venues have their own PA system and mics. Maybe a mixer and some cables for ya =P

What you can do, is when scheduling gigs, ask them if they have a PA. If not, you would need to bring your own to play there
coffee house size you probly will supplie it

unless the booking company has another band bring it, cause most likly you will be playing with other bands
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Buying some of the gear, like a PA, and mics, its not too expensive to get decent gear. Your vocalist should have a 2-speaker PA with a mixer abd mic, but u might want to get some monitors and a second PA for instruments maybe. Or other speakers for the instruments. Its not too expensive, and everyone should at least chip in for the gear.
Well I mean I know what stuff I need I was just wondering if stuff like mics, and PA's and speakers and blah blah blah is provided, or you have to provided it whether you own it or rent it ya know? I just didn't know if they just gave you a stage and you did the rest ya know
Most venues provide it.

It's good to pick them up for rehearsals.

Around here a lot of stores sell them used for a decent price.
The shows I've played, about half had an in house PA. We still used our own PA, not only because ours was better but it had our basic adjustments ready to go.
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