Hey guys. This is my first song ever singing and writing. It's a rough recording right now but it has a solo in it. This was the first draft of the song, I was just wanting to know if anyone thinks it has any potential.

Thanks guys.

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It's good! I like it. The last part of the solo is my favorite part. Just a little more convincing signing and I would give it a 5/5.


When you get it done, post again please!
Not bad! You'll need to build up a lot more confidence with the actual singing,but the song itself is very well written... and if you can pick up a cheap USB condenser mic and do the vox on a separate track it'd give you a much higher quality demo.
Btw, I liked the solo - the playing sounded rather wooden (due to the lack of vibrato/bends), but I like the fact that it was tasteful rather than mindless shredding up and down! Some of the best players can say it all using just four or five notes...
Reminds me of eagle eye cherry, a little. It sounds pretty good, like the comments above the singing can definitely be improved.
Thanks a lot. Ive been working on it, but im having trouble recording it on 2 tracks. My mic does suck, but its not terrible. And i think i may add a lead part on top for the intro and chorus cause the chords for this aren't very original. Good idea?
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