I was looking into 12 string electric guitars and was wondering if there is an alternative to Rickenbacker's series of 12 strings. Not that i have a problem with Rickenbacker it's just that im saving up for a Fender Twin and don't have the money for a Rickenbacker.
gibson sg doubleneck like jimy page plays. im guessin that wouldn be cheap either tho.
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theres an epiphone version

i think :S
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agile has a double neck tele that is pretty cheap

rondomusic has it
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so why do we all need double necks???

there is a Fender 12-string stratocaster too. like $600~700 i believe?
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How similar in tone is the 12 string fender and a rickenbacker? Looking for a byrds/beatles tone, the jingle jangle kind.
For a jangly tone you could try and find a danelectro 12 string, i hear those are good for jangly classic rock and are pretty cheap (i think).
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For what the guy above said, yeah. I had a chance to try out one of these, actually. Haven't gotten used to 12-strings in any sense of the word, but I liked the sound.

Not especially cheap, but a helluva lot cheaper then a Ric.