i cant work this out to be honest. i really love my rr3, but its a swine to sit and practice with so ive been looking at getting a new guitar, one to sit nicely with.

however, i just cant find one that feels as nice. ive tried 2 strats (one was a 57 re-issue) which both had the same scale neck, but felt more difficult to bend on. also the action always feels too low on a fender for some reason, and so my fingers rub on the fretboard as im bending the string - ive only tried maple fretboards though and my jackson is rosewood

ive tried lp's which just feel wrong, as they feel like a huge lump on my leg (im only little and at 18 have little chance of becoming any significant amount bigger) and the necks feel too thick (not wide, just thick)

i tried an ibanez jem, it was great but the neck felt wrong again. too thin i'd say, nice shape, just too thin, but then that is a charecteristic of ibanez i suppose.

ive tried a kelly, thinking that it must surely be similar to my rr, its rosewood, same scale length, easy to sit with, same make and the only real difference is that its 24 frets. i was wrong, the neck was weighted down too much when standing, and when sitting, the horn to balance my arm on was too high to keep on top of, meaning when i went into a bend, the entire guitar would be pulled up with the guitar. not useful.

so, any advice for me as to what guitars to try out next? im thinking dinky, but to be honest, they just look too metal (i know i have a rr, but thats means im covered for metal)

EDIT: ive done something i didn't plan to do. ive basically started a what guitar should i buy thread. i didn't mean too and i apologize. but i'd still e interested in your opinions
if y ou love it, then keep it.

u haven't mentioned PRS guitars. did u see those?
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no, not tried them. and im going to keep it, but the problem is , i dont like practicing with it, its difficult to work with, and im trying to look for something to replace it with as a practice guitar, but if youre going to practice with something for like 7 or 8 hours a day, it needs to be perfect or your soon going to get sick of it.
I've got a Kelly, and I know what you mean about the balance being off =P

You might just wanna look around for some necks with THICK fret wire. My friend's got a Stevie Ray Vaughn strat that feels phenomenol. Only problem I can foresee is it's all single coils. Sounds like you want a humbucker =P
Try out some Jackson Dinkys close to the same price. The neck should be the same i think. And its more of a Super-Strat shape, so its more comfortabel than a V.
try a jackson soloist
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just put the left 'leg' of the rr3 between your legs, then its in a position similar to if you sat with a classical guitar. Honestly you get used to it really quick actually (i used to have a flying v) and its not uncomfy or anything.
and i don't understand what you mean about the strats, the way a strat fretboard curves means that they actually have to have a higher action than most modern guitars...
if you really want a new guitar rr3s were originally based from flying Vs and flying Vs play pretty much the same as explorers, so maybe you could try some of the other gibsons (explorer, firebird studio etc)
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well ive had my rr3 for about a year and a half, and its not so much uncomfy, as awkward, like i cant sit on my bed because the long leg will be pushing the guitar over, and i cant sit on many chairs or things with any degree of sucess because of the long tail again. this is why im looking for something thats rounded at that end.

and about the strat fretboard thing, im not sure that i explained it well. its one of those feel things i suppose, and i dont know if it is the action that is lower than on my rr3, or what it is, but every time i try one, i struggle to bend because my fingers are on the freboard


again, its really hard to explain. maybe the fretwire needs to be thicker like the guy above says. . . its does have very thin fretwire compared to the jackson.

i feel a bit of an idiot describing this you know

however, im not really sure whether i want a humbucker or not to be honest, it doesn't really make any difference to me. i play different if ive got a humucker to if ive got a single soil . . . you know to get the best out of it. what sounds heavy on a humbucker rarely sounds good on a single soil. but doesn't really bother me. i'll look at the srv guitar.
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You might want to try a Schecter. Most people, including myself, will say they have an odd shaped neck, wide, yet round, but still not too big.

It might feel just right for you. Give it a shot.
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I know how you feel, that Jackson neck has a certain shape that just works. Your best bet is either to buy a Dinky, or to buy a Jackson neck and install it on a guitar body of your choice.
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Its the compound radius. For me its wide, but not too wide, and thin but not too thin. USA Jackson pwn it though, especially 80s ones. Basically, get another Jackson. I don't feel ESP/LTD, Ibanez, or Schecter will do it. at least thats what I've noticed with people who dig current Jackson necks.
The reason that the RR3 neck might feel better to you is because of its specific shape and fretboard radius.

It all comes down to personal preference and playing style.
you're probably just used to it, is all.

though one of the less pointy jacksons might be worth a try in case you actually do only like the jackson style of neck.
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I'd agree with one of the less pointier Jacksons since you're already smitten with their neck style.

The other I would suggest would be a Schecter (pretty much any model really). They have a thinner neck than LPs, but thicker than Ibanez.

I suggest getting a stool with castors on it so you can sit at the guitar store, and just roll down the wall, picking up guitars as you go.
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