For some reason I can't do bends on the lower frets of the acoustic, its extremely hard, and if I put more force Im afraid I might break the strings, or mess up the guitar. An example of this is bending a full step from the 4th fret on the G string, its seems impossible, and I can even bend a half a step. This is from the intro solo from Wish you were here.
just bend the string!if it breaks,replace it.and don't worry about the guitar,it will be fine.
It is kinda hard to bend low frets on an acoustic. Just keep trying, and with stronger hands, u should be able to do it.
just practice, it seems to be more a problem of dexterity more than chance of the strings breaking.
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Also, If you are only using one finger to do your bends use your other fingers for added force. If you still can't get the bend you want, switch to a lighter gauge set of strings.
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i think the best suggestion is to build hand strength. i'm not sure how long you've been playing but i gotta say that if its in the first 3-4 years it can be touch and go (especially if you're not doing anything other than guitar to strengthen your hand) also, how often do you play? because i know when i was playing 3-4 hours a day my hands were way stronger than they are now that i just play about an hour a day. you can also try switching down a couple gauges to build hand strength, play on a couple gauges down from what you play on now, then every 2 months switch to 1 gauge higher, continue doing this till you find it easy to bend B also offers a bit of resistance, a little resistance is good, it actually helps control a little. you don't want to overbend cuz the strings are too light, might overshoot your target pitch on accident (i used to do this and then id have to keep bending up to hit another target pitch)